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Digital media has launched a new phenomenon called influencers or individuals who attract thousands or even millions of followers through their social media channels. Their success relies on the power they exert on their specific audiences. Our world is now determined by how many likes, clicks or views you or your products received and these influencers are greatly responsible of that success.

We have created a targeted talent bank of influencers that cover everything from online publishers, creators and social media personalities to fashion bloggers. We carefully choose them, brand them and help them reach their maximum potential. Our roster spans all genres and personalities, tastes and audiences to better serve the needs of each specific brand or service.

We take great pride on taking care of our group of talents and we strive to provide the perfect balance between their sponsorships and the brands they promote by combining a curated mix of traditional media, social media, product integrations, marketing and retail, be it online or brick and mortar opportunities.

We only work with the best talents. Talents who are professionals committed to make it better every day, which are constantly expanding their potential and who understand that with hard work…the sky is the limit. And we will make it happen for you.

If you’re an influencer, blogger or online content creator and you have what it takes, contact us.

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